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Gennova Scientific will be in the"Healhtcare Brokerage Event MEDICA 2014" In Düsseldorf 12-14 November 2014


IHC Antibodies

Gennova Scientific's antibodies are optimized to provide maximum signal with minimun background when used for immunohistochemical staining. Usually, all our diagnostic primary antibodies are available in Concentrated and in Ready-touse format and, unless otherwise noted all primary antibodies are suitable for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections.

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  • Staining Kits

    Special stains employ staining techniques to identify suspected pathogens or demonstrate specific cellular components that aid pathologists in the evaluation of disease states. Read More
  • Detection Systems

    Our detection systems are characterized by outstanding sensitivity and are recommended for both automated and manual immunohistochemistry. Reagents are IVD/CE certified. Read More
  • DNA Chip MicroArray

    GennoCAP Technology integrates two methodologies, chain reaction (PCR) and DNA Chip microarray, in a single platform. The genetic testing process should be rapid and cost­effective to encourage the correct medication. Read More
  • Protein MicroArray

    Gennova-PictArrays can readily integrate into existing diagnostic testing infrastructure ranging in sophistication from small, rural healthcare centers performing manual tests to large. Read More
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