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Nova HotTaq Premix (Hot-Start version, 2X conc.)

Ref: AB12041 - Format: 5 mL
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Manufacturer: Gennova

Nova HotTaq 2x PCR Premix is a premixed solution containing everything needed for successful PCR reaction except specific primers and DNA template. The premix includes high-quality recombinant Nova HotTaq DNA Polymerase, nucleotides and magnesium in a PCR reaction buffer.
For the reaction set-up add the PCR Premix (10 or 25 μl) to the primers, template and water for the total reaction volume of 20 or 50 μl. To activate the Nova HotTaq DNA Polymerase it should be incubated at 95 - 97o C for 15 minutes as a first PCR step.
This enzyme allows the PCR setup at ambient temperature without nonspecific annealing and extension.

Hot-start PCR, RT-PCR, Amplification of low copy or high range size DNA targets, Real-Time PCR, Multiplex PCR, T-vector cloning.


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