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EcoNova HotTaq EvaGreen qPCR Premix (Capillary)

Ref: AB13015 - Format: 1 mL
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Manufacturer: Gennova
Description .
EvaGreen® Dye: EvaGreen® is a DNA-binding dye for qPCR that, compared to SYBR® Green I (registered by Molecular Probes, Inc.), has similar spectra but much less PCR inhibition. It is extremely stable and has been shown to be nonmutagenic and noncytotoxic.
EvaGreen® is compatible with all common real-time PCR cyclers – simply select the standard settings for SYBR® Green or FAM.

EcoNova HotTaq qPCR Capillary Premix for Probe is a premix for all your everyday qPCR reactions with detection and quantification of DNA and cDNA targets, profiling gene expression, microbial detection and viral load determination.


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